Rent and service charges

All Catalyst tenants need to pay rent. Some residents also have to pay a service charge which is used to pay for the upkeep of the communal (shared) areas such as stairways, lifts and gardens.

We review our rent and service charges once a year, usually in April. If your rent or service charge changes, we will write to you at least a month before it changes.

If you receive housing benefit, you will need to let your local council know when your rent changes, so they can change their payments. If you want to appeal against a rent increase you can apply to the First-Tier Tribunal (Property Chamber – Residential Property).

Your rent 2021/22

We use income from rent to help fund our activities – from maintaining existing homes, to building new homes for people in need and to provide associated support services. After careful consideration and consultation with our Board, we’re increasing most rents in line with regulatory limits from April 2020 to enable us to continue to do so.

The amount that most of our rents can increase by is limited by government regulation, through the Guideline Limit. This is set at the rate of inflation, the Consumer Price Index or CPI for the previous September (2020) plus 1%. The CPI for September 2020 was 0.5% and therefore your rent is increasing by 1.5%.

For other properties where the government regulation does not apply our usual policy is to increase these rents by no more than these regulatory limits.

This limit only applies to your net rent. Any service charges may increase or decrease, depending on the cost of the services provided.

If we manage your property on behalf of another organisation they may set the rent we charge which may increase by a different rate that set our above.

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