Your home

We want you to be safe, comfortable and happy in your home. Here is some practical advice and information on how you can look after your home.


Find out how to report a repair and details of  what we will repair and how long we will take to fix problems.

Home improvements: what changes you can make to your home

You can make changes to your home but you’ll need to ask for permission before you carry out any works,

Aids and adaptations

These are alterations you can do to your home to help you move around more easily if you have a disability.


If left unchecked condensation can become a serious problem. Follow our advice on how you can reduce condensation in your home.

Gas safety for tenants

We have a legal responsibility to carry out gas checks in our rented homes every year and it’s part of your tenancy agreement to let our engineers in.

Our service standards

We have developed a set of service standards to help us make sure we have providing you an excellent customer service.

Moving in

Follow our tips and advice on what you need to do if you move into a Catalyst home.