Repairs service standards

We’re committed to making it easy for you to get the service you need from us. Every time you contact us about a repair, we categorise your request into emergency or a non-emergency repair.

Emergency repairs

This includes work to remove immediate danger to people, avoid serious damage to the property or make the property secure. Sometimes we’ll just make the situation safe, then do follow-up work later.

Non-emergency and routine repairs

This is work that is not urgent, but cannot wait for our planned programme of work.

Our promise on non-emergency and routine repairs

  • For non-emergency work, we’ll offer you the closest available appointment with the nearest available engineer
  • We aim to complete 75%  of repairs at our first visit
  • We aim to complete your repair within 7 working days
  • For more complicated repairs or when we cannot complete the repair at our first visit, we’ll arrange a new appointment before our engineer leaves your home.

In order to make sure that you know the standard of repairs service you’ll receive, we will:

  • make reporting repairs easy for you – you can report repairs in writing, in person, online or by calling us
  • operate an out-of-hours emergency repairs service
  • make sure our contractors explain the repair they are doing, and clean up after the repair is completed
  • give you the opportunity to feedback on the service you receive via SMS and customer satisfaction surveys.