Customer service standards

Here are details of our customer service standards.

Phone calls

We’ll answer 90% of calls to our main number. And we’ll ensure that less than 10% of our calls are abandoned (where the call ends before being answered).

We promise to:

  • greet you politely
  • give our name and an offer of help
  • ensure staff are available to answer your enquiries during opening hours
  • make sure you can leave a message or speak to another member of staff when officers are away
  • keep voicemail messages updated when staff are away from the office for more than a day
  • reply to messages by the next working day (unless the staff member is away)
  • provide an answerphone service when the offices are closed, listen to messages at the start of every working day and have a contractor to answer phones outside of working hours
  • monitor the service you receive through the phone by conducting mystery shopping
  • provide written translation of our key documents within 21 days of receiving a request


We’ll send a full reply to your letter within ten working days of receiving it, and give the name and job title of the person writing to you.

Online and email enquiries

  • we’ll send a full reply to enquiries via our website within five working days
  • we’ll ensure a message is on the email system if we are away for one day or more
  • email enquiries will be answered personally within five working days

Visiting our receptions

We promise to:

  • give our name and wear a name badge
  • advertise our opening times
  • ensure that our receptions are clean, accessible, warm, well-lit and welcoming
  • make sure you don’t wait longer than 5 minutes if you have an appointment, or we’ll explain why there has been a delay
  • make sure you don’t wait longer than 15 minutes if you don’t have an appointment, or we’ll offer you an appointment with another officer (if one is available)
  • have a private interview room available if you want to discuss anything confidential
  • keep information about our services up to date
  • display news about how we are performing

Visiting you

We’ll keep appointments or contact you if we have to cancel or rearrange. And we’ll ensure our staff and contractors carry photo ID badges when visiting you at home.