Moving in

Once you’ve moved in, we’ll contact you to let you know how we can support to make the most of your home and neighbourhood.

Contacting Catalyst

Your contact with us will mainly be through our contact centre, who can help you with queries on:

  • your tenancy agreement, rent or service charge
  • what you need to do if you want to move home
  • how to get involved in reviewing Catalyst’s services
  • neighbour disputes, mediation and how to report anti-social behaviour

You can visit Ask Catalyst to browse or search our FAQs on the areas below, alternatively please call the Customer Contact team on 0300 456 2099, Monday to Friday, 8am to 6pm.

Tell people that you have moved

Please tell your bank, doctor, school, employer, local council, gas, electricity, broadband and phone suppliers and you have moved. Remember that Royal Mail can redirect your mail to your new address for a small fee.


Take meter readings for your gas, electricity and water the first day you move in. Then contact your utility suppliers to tell them your meter readings.

You should also find out how to shut off your gas, electricity and water supplies in case of an emergency. If you are not sure how to do this, ask your neighbourhood manager when they first visit.

If you are the first resident to move into a brand new Catalyst home, we have a dedicated Aftercare Team to support you. The team will:

  • help you settle in and show you the basics of how things work including the heating, hot water and ventilation
  • follow up queries on defects – this is when something inside your home stops working and is within its guarantee period
  • inspect your home after one year to make sure any repairs you have reported have been completed