History of Southall Day Centre

Set up by a local community group in 1978, the Southall Day Centre began in temporary premises. In 1991 we became independent and in 1993 we achieved charitable status.


  • 1950s–70s: Asian immigrants arrive in England during the 1950s, 60s and 70s. Many see the move as temporary. They aren’t prepared for retirement in this country, because they’re planning to return to their countries of origin and assume that the traditional social structures there will sustain them. However, most remain in the UK
  • 1970s: People find that the traditional values of care for elders among extended families in the Asian community are disappearing. Older Asian people are becoming lonely and isolated with no-one to turn to
  • 1978: Southall Day Centre is set up by a local community group called SCOPE in 1978. It opens to help the ageing first generation immigrants, and to tailor support to their cultural and personal needs. Prince Charles attends the opening of the first centre on Western Road
  • 1991: We become independent. Princess Diana opens the newly-refurbished centre
  • 1993: We achieve charitable status
  • 1996: We offer our first computer courses to our members
  • 1997:  SDC becomes the first BME organisation nationally and the first charity in west London to attain the prestigious Investors in People award.
  • 1998: We take over the management of Milap Day Centre after many years of working closely together. Now we can offer a broader range and depth of services from two centres
  • 2000: Milap is formally assimilated into Southall Day Centre
  • 2002: SDC acquires the Community Legal Services Quality Mark (now Advice Quality Standard) for its heavily used advice service.  This is a national accreditation scheme for agencies providing advice to the public.
  • 2008: We celebrate 30 years of helping the community
  • 2009: SDC attains Investors in People Bronze Standard, a level held only by the top 300 of the 28,000 IiP recognised organisations and companies.
  • 2013: The mayor of Ealing joins us to celebrate our 35 years of working in the community
  • 2017: In August Milap Branch relocates from Shackleton Road to Sahaara Court, Lancaster Road

Our future

We aim to carry on:

  • providing schemes that are socially inclusive
  • running activities that enable active and healthy lifestyles
  • helping people access their rights and entitlements
  • providing learning opportunities that are a springboard to personal development, further learning and employment

Our centre and its activities are in huge demand. More than 2,094 people registered this year.

Can you help? Contact us today and get involved with the future of Southall Day Centre.