As a provider of social housing for over 80 years Catalyst has considerable experience within the housing sector. We are uniquely placed to deliver research and analysis in a way that produces tangible results. Moreover, we are passionate about what we do and see the positive impact our research has on our residents.

We are experienced

Catalyst has a track record of delivering a range of products such as HomeBuy, Westminster council’s homeownership scheme and FirstBuy. We are in a unique position to know what works. We have experience of delivering sector specific research and analysis needed to ensure the success of each product or scheme. Not only do we have experience of developing and managing social housing, but also a mix of intermediate and private developments.

We care

We are motivated by a desire to produce better homes for a wide range of people, with profits reinvested to provide more affordable housing. We have a strong track record in transforming the neighbourhoods where our residents live. Through delivering services to our own customers we have expertise in meeting the needs of, and consulting with, individuals and residents who traditionally may prove more difficult to reach.

We innovate

We have experience of developing and delivering new products. We have developed a unique visual approach to managing and proactively tackling anti-social behaviour.

We deliver

As a housing association we’re unlike most research companies. We develop projects from an initial idea through to their practical implementation. We are experienced in actively monitoring and learning from how ideas work in practice, not just in theory.

We know people

We work alongside many other people and organisations to make a difference. From our residents to local authorities and developers to other housing associations we have formed valuable relationships in both the social and private sectors, putting us in a unique position to produce sector specific research and analysis.

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