Summer cycling programme

We’ve teamed up with London Bike Hub, to offer families living in 12 of our neighbourhoods’ free bike servicing and bikeability sessions throughout the summer.

A bike mechanic and instructor will be available at each session, offering advice on bike servicing and basic repairs as well as 1-to-1 bikeability cycle training. 

All participants will be offered a free cycle helmet during their session. We’ve got lots of fun challenges and competitions at all our locations too. Watch this space for more details. 

What’s available

There are 20 spaces for bike servicing, and 6 one-hour 1-to-1 bikeability sessions available in each location.

You’ll need to book your bikeability or Dr Bike sessions in advance using our online Eventbrite booking form. Spaces will be allocated on a first come, first served basis.


There are two levels of bikeability available. All children, siblings and family members will undertake a quick assessment before they start, to make sure they are offered the right level of training for them.

Bikeability Level 1:
This level aims to develop your bike handling skills in an off-road environment and prepare you for cycling on the road. Riders must be able to cycle – i.e. pedal and glide – to participate in Bikeability Level 1.

Bikeability Level 2:
This level aims to develop your skills and confidence for cycling on single-lane roads and simple junctions. It helps prepare riders for cycling on more complex, often busier or faster roads and junctions. Riders must have fully demonstrated the Bikeability Level 1, National Standard assessment criteria before they start Bikeability Level 2 training.

Frog bikes will be available for children to use at the bikeabilty sessions if they don’t have access to their own bikes. You will need to mark on your Eventbrite booking form that you don’t have your own bike. Bikes will allocated on a first come, first served basis.

Bike servicing with Dr Bike

Your bike will be serviced, and minor repairs will be carried out, such as puncture repairs, replacing brake pads, tightening of brake cables and wheel realignment. You will be advised if more major repairs are required.

Don’t forget to attach a label to your bike with your name and phone number, plus any obvious issues that need fixing.

Who can take part?

The bikeability sessions are available to children aged 8-10 years old, who can ride a bike independently. It doesn’t matter if you’re new to riding independently and you don’t need to have completed any of the previous bikeability courses.

If members from the same household want to participate in a bikeabilty session together, this can be accommodated. Any additional family members must be able to cycle independently too.

Booking your bikeability session

Your bikeability session will be at a pre-booked time. You will need to book your session via our online Eventbrite booking form.

A London Bike Hub consent form must be completed and returned prior to your child/children being able to take part.

Booking your session with Dr Bike

All sessions must be pre-booked via our online Eventbrite booking form. Once you have booked your session, you’ll receive a booking confirmation with a time to drop your bike off.

It’s important that you stick to the time you’ve been given to help us reduce the risk of people coming into contact. If for any reason you do arrive as another bike is being dropped off or collected, please maintain a 2-metre social distance.

Covid-19 safety measures 

All sessions need to booked in advance and participants will be provided with a pre-agreed time.  You must stick to your designated times to make sure everyone remains at a safe social distance from one another.

Dr Bike: Locations will not be publicly accessible, and bikes must be dropped off without participants entering the building. Welfare facilities will not be available to use. Please arrive on time and stick to your designated drop-off and collection time for your bike. 

All bikes will be wiped down prior to them being checked, which include the handle bars, main bike frame and seat area

The Dr Bike Mechanic will wear Personal Protection Equipment (PPE) i.e. latex gloves, mask over mouth and nose area, protective eye wear and will use hand sanitiser between servicing each bike. 

Bikeability: The Cycle trainer will only train one student at a time for one hour only. The exception to this will be if siblings from the same household also want to take part.

The Cycle trainer will wear Personal Protection Equipment (PPE) i.e. latex gloves, mask over mouth and nose area, protective eye wear.

The Cycle Trainer will maintain a 2-metre social distance and will use hand sanitiser between training each student.