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Investing in people = great service

Health and Safety TrainingNow that our environmental services team is up and running, we’re investing in training for the team so they are able to provide you with the best possible service.

Our environmental services managers and team leaders went on the health & safety awareness and risk assessment training last week. The training was delivered by our very own Anthony Sewell (health, safety and wellbeing manager) and held at the team’s training centre in Friary Park (Acton).

Claire Demmel, head of environmental services said: “This year is all about investing in our people.  This group of employees have a packed up-skilling programme this coming year. We’ll be using a combination of our in-house experts, such as Anthony, as well as the best external providers we can find. This will enable the team to get a wide knowledge base and make sure they provide an excellent service to our customers.”