ASB mapping

In-house mapping of anti-social behaviour

Our neighbourhood managers are responsible for dealing with incidents of anti-social behaviour (ASB). All ASB reported by our residents is recorded and details logged about location, type and people involved. While this is useful in providing an accurate record of ASB within a particular neighbourhood, its effectiveness as a tool that offers long term solutions to the problem, is limited.

We have developed a system that maps anti-social behaviour, classifying it by location, type and the length of time it took to resolve. This allows neighbourhood managers to go beyond the traditional ways of managing ASB. They can analyse the data interactively to see where and what type of ASB is taking place and then use this to predict how patterns of ASB may develop in the future.

The system also offers benefits to residents by allowing them to engage with their neighbourhood, holding their landlords and local police to account and ensuring that Catalyst deals with incidents of ASB effectively.

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This map illustrates incidents of ASB on a development in one given month. The map allows for ASB at each location to be broken down by type to allow neighbourhood managers to better understand and anticipate incidents in the future. Similarly resolution times, resident satisfaction levels and correlations between ASB and deprivation are all useful tools for neighbourhood managers.