Mr C lives in St Albans, Hertfordshire and has been working with our floating support service since April 2019. He was referred to the team by Zoe Coles – community navigator from HertsHelps who felt he needed some extra support to help manage his ongoing mental health issues.

‘I was in a very bad place at that time I started receiving support from Catalyst. I was suffering with both physical and mental health issues, and I’d reached the point where I was spiralling into despair.

‘I owed a lot of money in rent arrears because I couldn’t work and I was struggling with managing my money, with lots of unpaid utility bills and debts. ‘

The increasing debt and fear of eviction was making Mr C feel depressed and isolated. ‘My anxiety and depression were increasing so much that by this point I had stopped opening letters, hoping the problems would go away.’

Our floating support service offers flexible, short-term housing support to help people maintain their tenancy and independence. Mr C says, ‘My support worker, Karen began working with me and it was like a weight was lifted. She liaised with St. Albans City and District Council to help me to set up a payment plan for my rent arrears, and she’s currently supporting me to apply for a Discretionary Housing Payment (DHP) too.

‘She applied to the British Gas Energy Trust to help with my utility bill arrears, and she also applied to the Thames Water Trust Fund to source me a new bed and mattress to help me with the chronic physical pain I was suffering’

Mr C was beginning to feel the positive effects of the support he was receiving, but then came the first national lockdown – in March 2020 – and Mr C’s anxiety started to increase. ‘I was told to shield for 12 weeks, so I was unable to get my energy meters topped up and I couldn’t pick up my medication. I was worrying about how I would cope.

‘Karen stepped in again and liaised with my energy suppliers to send me topped up keys and cards. She organised for me to have my medication delivered by my pharmacist and when they couldn’t deliver, she picked them up herself.

‘She referred me to HertsHelp and I started to get regular phone calls to help me with shopping too.’

Karen has helped me through some difficult situations and has always been professional and polite. I really don’t know where I would have ended up without her. Catalyst’s floating support team has helped me move forward with my life and I couldn’t recommend them enough.’

Mr C is now in a much better place and will continue to receive support from Karen and the team until he’s ready to start living more independently. ‘My physical and mental health are currently stable, and I am making significant progress with my debts. I know who to call and where to go for further support too’.

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Our floating support service provide support to vulnerable people within the community, to help them maintain their homes and independence. You can find out more about our floating support service on our supported housing pages.