Our Advice and Wellbeing team works with customers offering one-to-one support to help them find practical solutions, engage with local services and programmes and access the assistance they need.

Louise has been a Catalyst customer for nearly 30 years, and got in touch with the Advice and Wellbeing team in February after reading an article in Catalyst magazine offering tips on saving money. She wanted to find out more about making her house more energy-efficient and reducing her household bills.

After talking with one of the team, they referred Louise to Wellbeing Specialist, Emma-Jane, who worked with her to find out how she could support her to access the assistance she needed.

The first thing we do when we meet a new client is have a chat about how they'd like our support and what they hope to get out of working with us. We understand getting in touch can be a big step and many customers can be feeling quite overwhelmed by the time they reach out to. We work together to create a plan that details our goals and gives a clear idea of how we will reach them together.'

Emma-JaneCustomer Wellbeing Specialist

Emma-Jane soon helped Louise find many ways to make her money go further. Emma-Jane supported Louise to:

During their sessions together, it became clear that Louise was experiencing issues with the electricity supply in her kitchen and some ongoing leaks in her bathroom. Emma-Jane liaised with our repairs team on Louise’s behalf, and the team are now rectifying these issues.

Emma-Jane also helped Louise apply for a grant from our Customer Support Fund to help her pay for a much-needed new cooker hob.

Emma-Jane, thank you so much. You're a star, and please pass on my thanks to the whole team. They've installed my new cooker hob, and my wellbeing has improved 100 per cent.'


Our Advice and wellbeing team are ready to talk to you

Our Advice and Wellbeing team offers a range of free and confidential support.

Whether you need money and benefits support, guidance on training and employment, help with improving your digital skills or want to talk to us about how to receive more support for mental, emotional, and physical health  – we’re here for you.

The team will work with you to assess your needs and give you a dedicated wellbeing specialist for one-to-one advice to help you access the support you need.

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