Unfortunately, our efforts to remove and relocate several trees on the Wornington Green estate last week were unsuccessful. Upon opening up the ground, our contractors found that the root network had fused with the concrete and have advised us that the trees would not survive any attempt to move them.

They have also said that this is likely to be true for all the trees in the Phase 2B area. We have been in discussion with the council about moving a further eight trees and unfortunately, as a result of the advice, will no longer progress with these plans.

We greatly regret that we were not able to save these trees. We of course understand the strong feeling that some in the community have expressed about retaining as many trees as possible, and we have worked hard to find ways to retain or relocate them. We have engaged a number of contractors and stakeholders to fully explore alternative approaches that would see more trees retained or relocated. This, frustratingly, has been unsuccessful.

We must though move forward with the next phase of the regeneration to continue to provide more, much needed, sustainable social housing at Wornington Green. Tree removal will start next week. Our contractors have advised us that the quickest and most efficient way to remove these trees is to fell them at the base.

It will be noisy and is likely to cause some disruption to those living close to the trees but we are hopeful that we can complete the works quickly. The work should not take more than one day in each area of the site and the hours of work remain 8am to 5pm.

We are sorry for any disruption that this may cause.