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Our customer survey is now closed

By February 27, 2020March 4th, 2020No Comments

Thank you to everyone who took the time to complete our customer survey. With over 1800 surveys completed it’s a great reflection of your views from across different tenures and locations.

We’ll be announcing the lucky iPad winner from our prize draw very soon, so watch this space!

What we asked

This was our biggest survey, so we had lots of things we wanted your opinion on.

We’re launching a range of ways customers can work with us, so we asked you to tell us how you’d like to get involved.

We also asked you why and how you usually contact us, and what your overall experience of our customer service is. This magazine is part of how we keep you updated on news and services. We asked you to tell us how you like to hear from us and what you like to hear about. We’re looking forward to telling you more about this.

What’s next

We’re now processing and analysing all survey returns to make sure we capture all your feedback.

This will also contribute to our customer insight project as another tool for helping us get to know you better, and make sure we improve our products, services and your overall customer experience.

As part of our customer insight project representatives from Social Engine will be visiting our neighbourhoods and speaking to customers directly to help us build a better picture of what you really need and want from us.

We’ll give you a full summary of our customer survey results in the July issue, as well as how we’ll be working with you to make any improvements. We’ll keep you updated on our website and social channels in the meantime too.

Thanks again to everyone for taking part.