Are you a Peabody Group resident who is interested in a unique opportunity to help direct and monitor the work of Peabody?

The voices of our residents and customers are key to everything that we do at Peabody. We cannot achieve our mission without the views of our residents helping to shape decisions at every level of our organisation – especially at Board level.

We’re currently looking for a Peabody or Catalyst resident who is interested in a unique opportunity to help direct and monitor the work of Peabody. We’re looking for someone to be a new Resident Board Member and to play a key role in the most senior governing body of Peabody.

We encourage residents from all backgrounds to apply

We believe having a diverse Board with members from all backgrounds will help us make better decisions. This is why we encourage residents of all ages and cultural backgrounds to apply.

You don’t necessarily need experience on another Board to apply, however, you’ll need to demonstrate that you’ve got the right skills for the role or that you can develop them with our support.

Hear from our Resident Board members about their experiences

We asked our two current Resident Board members to share their experiences. Zebrina Hanly is due step down from her role shortly and Peter Baffoe is one of our current Resident Board members who started his position in 2018:

Read about Zebrina Hanly’s experiences

Read about Peter Baffoe’s experiences


How to apply

The information pack below will help you to better understand the responsibilities of the role, what skills are needed and other important information.

Application form

Equality and diversity questionnaire

Please note that the equality and diversity questionnaire is optional to complete and will have no bearing on our assessment of your application.

Application deadline

The deadline for applications is 5pm on Friday 16 September 2022.


We hosted this online information session in early 2021 which you might find useful for learning more about being a Resident Board member. You’ll hear from one of our previous Resident Board members as well as Peter Baffoe about their experiences.

Have a question?

If you have any questions about the role or require the Information Pack or forms in any other format, please contact us or call 07825 857469.