Adil’s story: multi skill trader apprentice

Adil, multi-skill trader apprenticeshipAdil is a multi-skill trader apprentice, having secured his apprenticeship Adil is currently working with one of our day-to-day repairs team in west London.

‘I found out about the apprenticeship opportunity from my sister, who works for Catalyst. I’d been working with one of Catalyst’s employment and skills advisors Warren – who’d been helping me with my CV, job searches and so on and he’d mentioned this opportunity to her.

‘I was originally looking for a career in IT, so I was a bit surprised when my sister mentioned this role to me, as I’d never thought about doing something like this before. I thought about it and realised Warren could be right as I’m very practically minded and I’ve always liked working with my hands.

‘I told my sister I was interested, and she got in touch with Neda, who is an apprenticeship and skills project coordinator for Catalyst. Neda gave me a call to chat about the role, and we arranged to meet up and discuss it in more detail.

‘During the meeting, we discussed my experience and agreed the multi-skills trader opportunity would suit me best. We looked through my CV and Neda helped me update the content so it showed my interests and experience, emphasising how they would benefit the apprenticeship role. I submitted the application form along with my updated CV and waited.

This is just the beginning for me, I feel like I have a focus now and I feeling positive about my future career.’

‘Within a few days I was invited me for an interview. On the day, I met the team’s Apprenticeship Development Officer, Suzanne, and one of their senior operatives. We talked about the opportunity and what I felt I could bring to the role.

‘The next stage was the four-day work trial, which I really enjoyed. I was buddied-up with an operative, and visited lots of different estates and homes throughout my trial. I was given a uniform and all the necessary Personal Protective Equipment (PPE), as well as a full induction and briefing on what to expect while onsite. They also gave me a work experience journal that I had to complete every day, as part of the assessment and monitoring process. The trial was very useful as it helped me get a feel for the job, and gave them the opportunity to assess if I was suitable for the role.

‘Again, it only took a few days for them to let me know I had passed all the stages, and that they’d like me to start as a multi-skill trader apprentice at the end of September. I’m now working on site and I’ve started my learning at West Herts.

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