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Customer procurement panel – this October

By September 23, 2020No Comments

We’re selecting new contractors to undertake passive fire safety works in our blocks, and we’re looking for homeowners to get involved in the selection process as part of our s21 consultation.

The final contractor shortlist will be ready for assessment in early October, and we’re putting together a customer procurement panel to help us decide who’ll be awarded the contract.

What is passive fire safety

The right passive fire safety systems are important to help make sure everyone in your building is kept safe. This means installing things like fire doors, to stop the spread of fire and smoke throughout a building.

What’s involved in the procurement panel

All interested contractors provide sealed tenders for the required works. Our procurement team assess all tenders – for things like value for money, satisfactory policies and procedures and so on – to produce a final shortlist of interested contractors.

This is where the customer procurement panel comes in – to help with scoring process for this final shortlist.

How long does the process take?

The full process will take approximately two days. This includes initial training and a review meeting at the end. Both will be hosted online, using Microsoft Teams.

Everyone who completes the procurement exercise in full will be given a gift card, as a thank you for your time.

Head to our get involved page to find out more and register your interest.