Green improvements made to Havelock

The Bixley Triangle space on Havelock has been transformed by a Neighbourhood Action Day involving the planting of small fruit trees and the sowing of grass seeds.

Previously an over-grown patch of land between the canal and Bixley Field the triangle was cleared of rubbish by site contractor Bouygues UK, before the community and partners came out in force on Tuesday 10 May to beautify the space.

Children from the Greenfields & Havelock Children’s Centres helped to sow grass and wildflower seeds. In addition, they and adult volunteers planted flowering fruit trees donated by Hanwell and Norwood Green Orchard Trail. Other volunteers from Southall Transition Community Gardeners and the Canal & Rivers Trust worked with residents to tidy along the canal towpath.

Ealing Council have agreed to maintain the site and this event is just the start of further green improvements to the area. Contact Nicola Wheeler on 07834 106253 if you want to be involved.


Bixley Triangle plant stamping