Five freebies you can claim

Freebies-to-claimDid you that there are billions of pounds in lost pensions and bank accounts that are just waiting to be claimed?

From help with utility bills to money off your council tax bill, read about the money that is just sitting there for you to claim.

Lost pensions or bank accounts

There are billions of pounds in lost pensions and bank accounts that are just waiting to be claimed.

Use the government’s Pension Tracing Service to find a workplace pension which you may have lost track of. You don’t need the necessary paperwork or the contact details of the pension scheme to claim.

Or if you’ve lost a bank account, track it down through The service may be able to help even if your bank or building society has closed or merged. It can also help you track down old Premium Bonds.

Assistance with energy costs

Energy companies provide a huge amount of help and support for vulnerable customers, especially the elderly and those on key benefits.

They do this through schemes that offer free cavity wall and loft insulation, by giving access to trust funds and a priority register for people with disabilities. Under the Warm Homes Discount initiative, energy companies will spend around £1.1billion over four years to help their most vulnerable customers.

Anyone who is worried about paying their bill or managing their energy use should contact their energy company as there is also other help available.

Help towards hospital travel costs

This scheme helps pensioners on lower incomes with the cost of getting to and from hospital appointments. It’s is available to over 65s who get Pension Guarantee Credit or qualify under the low-income scheme.

When you go for treatment, you should tell the hospital or place where you are being treated that you want to claim back the cost of your journey. You will be asked to show proof of your entitlement, which could include your award notice, tax credit exemption certificate or HC2 certificate.

Keep tickets or receipts for proof of your journey as well.

Money off your council tax

Anyone who lives alone is entitled to a 25% discount on council tax, which is available regardless of the person’s income. If you are on a low income, you may be able to get even more of a discount.

A reduction is available to pensioners if either they or their partner gets the guarantee part of Pension Credit. You are not eligible if you have capital of more than £16,000.

TV license discounts

After your 75th birthday, you can get a free TV licence, which covers you as well as anyone you live with.

If you’re retired and over the age of 60, you can get a special discounted licence of £7.50 if you’re living in residential care.

You’re entitled to a 50% reduction in your TV licence fee if you’re certified as blind (severely sight impaired).