Catalyst signs first Housing Zone grant agreement with the Greater London Authority

The grant enables the organisation to build 26 homes for social rent on the Toplocks site next to the Havelock estate in Southall.

The grant will make it possible to develop the site so that all of the 26 homes can be let at a social rent. 25 of the new homes will be used to rehouse residents of the neighbouring Havelock estate and one home allocated to the Housing Moves service which offers tenants the opportunity to move between London boroughs.

Catalyst has a number of challenges in developing the site. It is a Site of Importance for Nature Conservations (SINC), which means we have to design the homes carefully to leave areas of green space which encourage and protect biodiversity. We also have to safely relocate a population of protected slow worms living there.

The site is strategically important to the council’s aspirations for Southall, so they want us to build a bridge across Maypole Docks and a road connection to a neighbouring estate to improve access in the area. So, while challenging, the site also offers us a great opportunity to help revive and connect the area, and contribute to biodiversity and valuable green space

Elena Brodetsky, Senior Special Project Manager, said; “25 of the homes will be used to help the council to rehouse residents of Havelock, which will help us keep to the timetable for improving that teat. The new footbridge will link Havelock, Maypole Dock and the Toplocks site improving access across the neighbourhood.”