Oxford Charity of the Year nomination for Leys CDI Project

Leys Community Development Initiative (CDI), the community project for the Leys area of Oxford where Catalyst are the landlord, has been nominated as Oxford Charity of the Year 2016.

Founded in 1995 to improve the social condition and welfare of local people. Leys CDI runs projects of long-term benefit for the communities of the Blackbird Leys and Greater Leys estates. Over the past twenty years, it has been successful in engaging hundreds of residents, both young and old; and has brokered over 800 hours of volunteer time through its projects.

The project’s great strength lies in being an initiative of the community to improve the local area; ‘being of the Leys for the Leys’. Its activities are those local people have identified as what they want to improve their community. It takes a collaborative approach across all ages, bringing young and old together to tackle social and health inequalities.

During the past twenty years the Leys CDI has run a variety of projects where people learn how to cook on a budget, improve mind and body through Tai Chi, receive support from an After School Club, participate in sports sessions, express themselves creatively in arts programmes, go on holidays, gain employment, consider their environment while building ties with different parts of the world, and do much more.

Catalyst supports Leys CDI by providing line management, fundraising and leadership support, as well as making available the Leys Housing Consortium owned Clockhouse building as a home for an Over-50s group

The awards ceremony will be held on 11 May at Oxford Town Hall, with CDI representatives and Catalyst staff present.

Leys CDI image