Mrs Bruno’s going digital, and so are we…


Congratulations to Mrs Bruno, from Apsley House in Ealing, who won an iPad, in our email newsletter competition.

Before she won the iPad, Mrs Bruno used to borrow her family members’ devices to go online. But now she’ll be able to surf the internet whenever she wants. “I’m very pleased to have received this iPad. I will be using it for my church work as I’m the church secretary, and it will come in very handy,” she says.

Another great thing about having her own iPad is that Mrs Bruno will be able to connect more easily with her family. And she has lots of them – she has six children, eight grandchildren and nine great grandchildren. “My granddaughter is a musician – she plays the guitar and drums. If I wanted to see her perform, I had to physically go there. Now I can just see her on You Tube. I’ll also be able to see what the rest of my family is up to.”

We’re currently in the process of improving how we work to make sure our customers get what they need from us in the most efficient and convenient way. For example, one of our priorities is improving our digital channels, including our website, to offer a much easier and flexible way to access our services. Soon we’ll also be launching a Catalyst pay your rent online website, so you can pay your rent online in three simple steps and within a few minutes.

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