Oxford residents celebrate their creativity

Artistic residents in Blackbird Leys, Oxford have created a mosaic to brighten up the area and to celebrate their community. The mosaic has been installed outside of the Blackbird Leys residents celebrate the unveiling of the new mosaic at community centre the BarnBarn, a jointly owned community building from Catalyst Housing and GreenSquare Group, and was unveiled with great celebration on the 30th November.

The mosaic is the result of 50 hours of local forums, designing and workshops led by adult learning provider WEA and artist Clare Goodall. The unveiling ceremony was attended by local residents, the Leys CDI Clockhouse Project, Oxford Lord Mayor Rae Humberstone and Catalyst and GreenSquare staff.

The mosaic itself is a bird symbolising freedom and peace carrying bunting which symbolises something about BBL such as love for the community, the beautiful parks, the new leisure centre, football and dog racing, the BMW mini plant and music representing the famous BBL choir.

BBL residents aged 20 – 90 took part in the workshops held in the Barn and the Leys Children’s Centre. Residents learnt new skills, whilst gaining confidence and better self-esteem. For example one resident with severe depression said it was a great reason to get out of the house.

Blackbird Leys mosaic on the barnThis mosaic has been another great example of partnership work in the South East, where we work with partners such as WEA to offer residents opportunities to gain new skills, develop confidence, feel pride in their community, and make the community a more beautiful place to live.

This unveiling also comes after Brent’s Unity Centre unveiling of their mosaic at a community event on the 21st November, which was the result of residents attending last summer’s accredited community arts course from our partners Arts4Space, which is running again this year.

For more information on the community work happening in Oxford contact Ines.Kretzchmar@chg.org.uk or 0186 533 4820.