Residents scrutinise London repairs service

scrutiny-panel-reviewSeven residents from the Scrutiny Panel recently worked with an independent consultant to carry out a scrutiny review of Catalyst’s responsive repairs service in London.

The group volunteered over 45 hours of their time to:

  • review performance information, standards and procedures
  • attended demonstrations
  • carry out mystery shopping
  • interview key members of staff.

At the end of the review, they submitted a report to the Catalyst Board which included 12 recommendations on how the service can improve. The recommendations are currently being reviewed with the Scrutiny Panel and our Leadership Team.

Here is what residents said about the training;

  • Christina Tom Johnson: “Although it took much longer than I expected, it was worth it in the end. The comparisons of other providers was very interesting.”
  • John Kehoe: “I thought it was brilliant. The residents involved were really focused on the task and did not let their personal concerns, good or bad, cloud their findings.”
  • Christine Cutts: “I found it all really interesting. The other guys were great company and even though we knew this was very serious, we did have a laugh too.”
  • Doris Van der Heyden said: “I found this exercise interesting and worthwhile. I agree with Christina in that I feel we could have achieved similar results in a shorter period of time. But as they say, practice makes perfect.”

Resident scrutiny enables our customers to hold us to account as they are able to check our policies, procedures and service standards. The Catalyst Residents Federation decides which service to scrutinise based on performance information, complaints and feedback from other residents. It then works with the relevant departments in Catalyst to agree a scrutiny work plan

If you would like to be part of the next scrutiny project, please contact our resident involvement team. For more information on how you can get involved at Catalyst, visit the resident involvement section of our website.