Q&A with Paul Bridge: your FAQs

Paul BridgeThanks to everyone who sent in their questions during our live Facebook Q&A with Paul Bridge, our Interim Executive Director of Customer Service.

Here are the answers to your questions.

Please can you tell us about your background?

I have worked in housing for over 20 years. This has been for housing associations and councils. I really enjoy it as it’s a chance to help improve people’s lives.

What are your first impressions of Catalyst?

I have travelled throughout Catalyst’s areas of operation in my first seven weeks. I have been welcomed by everyone and have met a lot of very committed people, customers and staff. Catalyst in my view is an excellent organisation with a strong track record but one that is fully aware it needs to continuously improve.

You’re doing a lot of work to develop your digital channels. What benefits will this bring to customers?

It’s a very important piece of work as we need to ensure our customers are able to access services from Catalyst in the same way they are able to with other organisations, such as online banking. The benefits will be easy access, 24 hours a day for transactions such as reporting a repair or paying rent. This will make sure we provide good value for money services.

How can residents who don’t have IT skills contact Catalyst?

We provide free IT courses through our community development team, Catalyst Gateway so people can improve their digital skills. You can of course also speak to us through our customer services centre and at your local office. Visit www.chg.org.uk/contact-us for a full list of ways in which you can contact us.

Ealing do$h has seen a huge uptake from customers asking for support with bills, budgeting and banking. What do you think are the key drivers for this?

I think do$h do great work. Clearly the scale of the welfare reforms and other financial pressures are a key driver for this. I hope anyone reading this who needs your help will get in contact with our Catalyst Gateway or do$h team by calling 0300 456 2099 or visiting www.yourdosh.org

How does Catalyst manage anti-social behaviour?

We are going to develop a specialist team to manage anti-social behaviour. In the meantime if you have a specific concern around this, please speak to your neighbourhood manager in the first instance.

Residents’ feedback is crucial in ensuring we deliver the best service. How can residents give their feedback?

It is indeed. We have many ways for people to get involved. These include local forums, residents’ associations, and the Catalyst Residents Federation. If you want to know more please look at www.chg.org.uk/getinvolved