We’re campaigning for better gas safety laws

Catalyst is behind the Gas Access Campaign – a drive to get the law changed so that it’s easier for housing associations to gain entry to homes when they need to do a gas safety check.

By law, Housing Associations must check that gas appliances and flues in the properties that they manage are safe. These gas safety checks are vital to keep people protected from the threat of gas explosions and carbon monoxide poisoning – not only those people living in the home where the gas appliances are, but also their neighbours who could be at risk if safety checks aren’t carried out.

Most tenants and customers give us access to their home when we need it to do our checks. But sometimes people don’t let us in their home.

At the moment the law doesn’t give housing associations like Catalyst a quick and easy way to make sure they can carry out the checks required. It can take us months to go through the legal process to a point where we can gain access… and all that time that property may be unsafe for its occupants and their neighbours.

That’s why we’re backing the Gas Access Campaign is to make sure customers are safe and sound and that neighbours can rest easy in their homes.

To find out more visit the Gas Access Campaign website.