Star letter nets Brent resident £50

Congratulations to Brent resident Grace Owusu for sending in the star letter published in the October issue of Catalyst 4 You (our quarterly customer magazine).

Grace asked ‘During the winter months it would be nice to get some advice on keeping warm and healthy without paying high gas and electricity bills’.

Here are our top tips on keeping warm and healthy this winter:

Switch and fix

Many electricity companies now offer a range of fixed tariffs. Check which tariff is the best for you at:

Many companies also offer dual fuel tariffs with an additional discount. You can even switch if you’ve not cleared your existing bill and it’s under £400 – you’ll have to pay it off though.

Turn it off

Manage your electrical appliances by turning them off at the plug when you’re not using them – don’t just leave them on standby. Also, switch off the lights when you leave a room. These simple things could save you up to £80 per year.

Hot water

Hot water accounts for around 20% of your heating bill, so be efficient as possible. Have showers
instead of baths as you’ll only use half the water and energy. Set your washing machine at 40°C instead of
60°C so you use a third less energy.

Try new activities

Don’t use the winter as an excuse to stay in and lounge around. Try out new activities or take a brisk winter walk. Regular exercise will help you keep healthy by boosting your immune system.