Fire safety: do you know the plan?

Know the plan

London Fire Brigade has launched the Know the Plan campaign to increase fire safety awareness among people who live in blocks of flats. The campaign was prompted following more than 100 fires in high-rise flats in west London last year.

A YouGov poll found that a quarter of Londoners live in high-rise or other purpose built blocks of flats, but just 40 per cent have a escape plan in the event of a fire. And worryingly, 24 per cent of people living in flats said if there was a fire in their home, they would wait to call 999 before getting straight out.

At Catalyst we work with residents to make sure fire escape exits and routes as well as communal areas are kept clear of personal belongings.

Items such as prams, bikes, shopping trolleys or bags of rubbish are a real fire hazard. If there is a fire they cannot be seen in thick smoke and people could easily trip or fall over them. If they are blocking fire escapes, it will take longer for people to exit the building and could lead to people being injured or even killed.

If you see someone dumping rubbish in communal areas please call us to report this. For more information please visit the fire safety section of our website.