Home sweet home

These service standards concentrate on measuring the performance of our repairs service, how we invest in our homes to improve energy efficiency, support customers to reduce their energy bills, keep customers safe in their homes and meet our repairs target times.

Our standards are:

Your satisfaction with our repair service once your repair is completed.

We improve our average standard assessment procedure (SAP) rating by investing in works that improve energy efficiency

We keep home renters safe by carrying out an annual gas safety inspection (excluding legal cases.)

We complete 100 per cent fire safety alarm tests in your communal area.

We complete or make safe emergency repairs within 24 hours.

You said you feel safe and secure in your home.

We’ll use our customer satisfaction surveys to monitor:

Measuring our performance

We launched our new service standards in February 2022. We divide our performance over four quarters throughout the financial year: April – June, July – September, October- December and January – March. Moving forward, we’ll use our current results to compare to what we’ve achieved in the previous quarter to help demonstrate to you how we’re doing and where we need to improve.

Our current performance