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Why have my neighbour’s homes been improved and not mine?

There may be several reasons for this:

1. No access:

Have you received any letters to say that a survey was due and that access to your property was required? If access has not been provided you may have been removed from the programme. If this is the case you should have a received a letter stating that this action has been taken.

2. Phased work:

In some cases we cannot complete a whole road in one financial year so the work will be phased over a few years and your property may not be in the first phase.

3. Void:

It is possible that work to a property near you has been completed while it was void.

4. Priority:

It is possible that other properties near you are in a worse condition and we have had to prioritise them first but we do our best to try to programme properties together wherever possible.

5. Not owned by Catalyst:

It may be possible that we are not the landlord for your neighbour’s property. In this case other organisations may undertake their programmes of work at different times to ours according to their budgets and priorities.

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