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What are minor and major adaptations?

Minor adaptations: these are small items, such as a request for grab rails, lever taps, door handles, or additional power sockets, where the cost is simple and costs under £2000

Major adaptations: are where the adaptation requires major work or a structural change, such as a stair lift, ramps or any major internal re-arrangements to accommodate a person with a disability.

If the recommended work costs more than £2,000 we would support you in applying for a Disabled Facilities Grant (DFG) from the local authority to help fund the cost. Residents need our approval before any works are carried out.

Please note that we do not provide adaptations for leaseholders, however they may still be able to access Disabled Facilities Grant funding by approaching their local authority. We will support all applications made.

In any case, all residents (including leaseholders) need our approval before any major adaptations to the property are carried out.

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