Supported accommodation for young people

Our Young Person’s Service (YPS) is dedicated to providing high quality support and housing to young people aged 16 to 25 in Hertfordshire.

Where could I live and what will it cost?

This will depend on where you have a ‘local connection’. This might be the place where you have grown up or somewhere that you have been living for a significant amount of time. The rent varies from project to project and the actual amount you pay will depend on whether you are working or not. However, all young people are required to pay something towards their stay.

What is supported housing?

Supported housing means that you get more from your time living with us than just a room. Our staff will meet with you weekly to try and find out what it is that you want to do and will help you to go out and do it! This might be getting a job or going to college but can also be about learning to manage your money or taking care of yourself. The support you receive is designed to prepare you to live independently once you move out of the project.

How long can I stay?

The length of time that you stay on a project will depend on how long you need to prepare for independent living. This can be anything from six to 18 months, which is normally the maximum stay permitted.

What is provided in the room?

Your room will be equipped with a bed, wardrobe, fridge and chest of drawers. At some projects, rooms such as the bathroom and kitchen are shared whilst at others you may have a bathroom and kitchen area as part of your own accommodation.

What is expected of me?

If you come to live at one of our projects, you will be expected to meet with staff to discuss the things you would like to achieve during your stay. All young people living at a YPS property are required to take part in a programme of accredited learning through the AQA examination board. This means that during your stay you will have the chance to earn certificates detailing your achievements whilst living with us. We call these AQAs. These are recognised qualifications that can help you to get a job or go to college. They are also used to determine when you are ready to move on.

Are there any rules and what happens if I break them?

Because of the type of accommodation on offer there are rules which we ask you to keep to. These may be slightly different at each project but will include things like keeping noise to a minimum, helping to keep the project clean and making sure that you play your part in keeping everybody safe. If you break the rules you will be given warnings and if you carry on breaking them, you could lose your accommodation.

Who else will I live with?

Other young people aged 16 to 25 in housing need. Our projects can only offer a certain level of support so may not be suitable for young people with particularly complex personal problems.

What happens when it is time for me to move on?

If you have attended regular support plan meetings, completed a required amount of AQAs, participated in education, training or employment, have no rent arrears and are able to demonstrate that you are ready to live independently you may be referred to a local authority or a social or private landlord for your own accommodation.

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