Sheltered housing

In sheltered housing you can lead your life privately and independently in a safe, secure and sociable environment, with the peace of mind of knowing there is someone there in an emergency.

Sheltered housing can offer:

  • a flat that is safe, warm and easy to maintain
  • a social life where you can make new friends if you wish
  • assistance in case of sudden illness or accident

How is sheltered housing different to my normal housing situation?

Sheltered housing offers easy to manage homes that have been designed or adapted specifically for older people. Our residents lead independent lives, with support when it’s needed. Every flat and communal area has an emergency alarm call system, so help is always at hand 24/7.

Who offers support?

A Sheltered Scheme Manager will make sure you are alright and be there if you need support. The hours of availability vary from scheme to scheme, but there is always an alarm call service to deal with emergencies any time, day or night.

What support is offered?

We are there to make you safe and comfortable. We will make sure that you are alright on a regular basis, and we will make sure your home is secure and in good repair. We also help organise social events. If you need advice on obtaining any additional support, such as health or social care, we will help with that too.

‘The support we are given – support that is there if required and which in one way or another is there 24/7 – is not only good for residents but also for their families who have the satisfaction of knowing that a loved one is looked after’, Colin, Hopley House resident.

What is there to do?

There are always social and communal activities going on throughout our sheltered housing schemes. We will support residents in organising events and we always want to hear new ideas. Most schemes have their own social club committees.

How do I apply?

If you are not already a Catalyst tenant, to apply for a place in a sheltered housing scheme you must be registered with the local council for the area you are interested in.

If you are a Catalyst tenant please contact us and we’ll help you complete a transfer form. You will then will be assessed by a sheltered scheme manager to make sure that sheltered housing is right for you.

Our sheltered housing schemes

Catalyst has sheltered housing or extra care facilities in London and the south east. Contact your nearest scheme manager to find out more.

Important notice for our customers

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