FAQs about our customer survey 2020

1. What is the survey for?

We’re reviewing our customer communication processes and we want to know what customers think. The survey is asking for thoughts on the customer magazine, website, email newsletters and how we can develop these platforms to improve customer experience.

It’s also an opportunity for customers to tell us ways they want to connect and get involved, so we can make sure we’re providing more diverse and inclusive activities.

2. Who will receive the survey?

All tenants, shared owners and leaseholders from all Catalyst locations will receive a printed version of the survey.

3. What date does the survey close?

The closing day for all survey returns – print and online – is Monday 17 February.

4. Do I have to give my contact details?

No, you can submit the form anonymously. However, we won’t be able to include you in the prize draw for a chance to win an iPad if you don’t give your contact details.

5. What will you do with my contact details if I do give them?

We collect, store and process data in line with data protection law. The only personal data we’ll store will be that which you give consent for us to hold via this survey. We will keep this data for six months after which point we will either delete it or anonymise it.

We’ll update our housing management database with any marketing preference you provide too – eg if you say you don’t want to receive a printed copy of the customer magazine – so we can make sure we don’t send you information that you don’t want to receive.

You can find more  details on our Data Protection policy here.

6. Is it just one entry per household?

We know a lot of residents have joint tenancies, and we think it’s only fair that you all have an individual say.
Although each household has been provided with one paper copy of the survey, any named person on your tenancy agreement who’s 18 or over can fill out a survey.
7. When will we find out who has won the iPad?

The deadline for all entries is Monday 17 February. The draw will take place in March by a computerised random selection at
Ealing Gateway, 26 –30 Uxbridge Road, London W5 2AU.

The winner will be notified by email/telephone in March and be given details on how they will receive their prize.

8. How do you choose the winner?

We will choose the winner in March 2020.The winner will be randomly from all survey returns received.

9. Where can I get another printed copy?

Please contact us by calling 0300 456 2099 or email communications@chg.org.uk with the subject ‘Customer survey – paper copy request’ and we’ll send you a printed copy of the form.

10. Can I complete the survey online?

Yes there is an online version. We have posters in all our community centres that include a QR code you can scan using your smartphone camera. This will automatically link you to the online survey. 

11. I need another freepost envelope

Please contact us by calling 0300 456 2099 or email communications@chg.org.uk with the subject ‘Freepost envelope request’ and we’ll send you another freepost envelope.

12. I have some questions about the survey who can I talk to?

Please contact our customer communications team on 0300 456 2099 or email communications@chg.org.uk and we’ll answer any questions you have about the survey.