The project team

Who was involved in the project

Establishing the construction team

Catalyst assembled the construction team for this project at an early stage. The early involvement of the main contractor and sub-contractors was invaluable in terms of ensuring buildabilty. It also enabled a collaborative approach to the project, particularly in relation to the specifications chosen.

Their involvement also helped to combine the research and theory with the practicalities of construction. This approach was in keeping with the partnering ethos promoted by Latham and Egan. It had the practical benefit of eliminating errors and delays that may have occurred had we not taken this approach.

The team

The project team was made up of professionals from Catalyst and our existing partnering consultants and contractors, rather than external specialists. This was to demonstrate that the eco element of refurbishment programmes could be carried out by regular contractors in tandem with their normal programmes of work.

The project manager

The project manager, Maria Hanrahan, can be contacted at