Catalyst is totally committed to maintaining and improving the local environment in and around Wornington Green as part of the regeneration.

We have worked to retain as many existing trees as possible while also planting more new trees, as we deliver approximately 1,000 new homes with no loss of social housing and restore the area to its original Victorian street pattern.

However, we have to remove some trees in order to build the new neighbourhood, and we of course understand that some in the community feel strongly about this.

We will always listen to our customers and residents to make sure they are part of this development, and that they can have meaningful input wherever possible on how we deliver the remaining phases of this regeneration. However, we must balance this with our core aim of delivering these modern new homes for social rent for our customers on Wornington Green.

What we’ve done so far

Catalyst has completed Phase 1 and Phase 2A of the regeneration and has carried out significant road realignment works to create Murchison Gardens, the new road that connects Portobello Road and Wornington Road. We had to remove several trees as part of these and other works to do with the regeneration, but we were also able to plant 102 new trees across the new development since the regeneration began.

More recently, Catalyst removed 35 trees in February 2021 as part of preparation for Phase 2B.

Upcoming work in 2021

Catalyst is now beginning the final preparation work ahead of starting on Phase 2b of the regeneration work. Before building can begin, we need to remove the final trees from the Phase 2b area. This will involve removing 8 trees from the old dog agility area of Athlone Gardens. This work will be undertaken in December 2021.
With the works on Phase 2b targeted to begin in December 2021, our most recent edition of Here & Now in October provided more details on the works ahead. We’ll provide details of the contractor for the work; what they’ll do to reduce dust and noise; and how the site will be managed.
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Work to come

Catalyst is now proposing to plant significantly more trees in the remaining phases and has actively looked at new strategies to retain more existing trees on the estate.

In Phase 2B, we will be planting 69 new trees rather than the 12 included in our original master plan. In Phase 3, we had originally planned to remove 41 existing trees, retain 7 and plant 19 new trees. Now, we’ll be retaining 11 existing trees, planting 41 and removing 33.

These new trees will be a mix of several different species and will be spread across the public realm and in residents’ gardens. We intend that all new trees will be semi-mature rather than saplings, but this will need to be agreed with RBKC.

The table below summarises the proposed location of trees yet to be planted on the redeveloped estate:

PhasePublic RealmAdventure PlaygroundPrivate GardensTotal

Once the regeneration is complete, we hope to have a net gain of 81 trees across the new neighbourhood.

Athlone Gardens

As Athlone Gardens is owned and managed by the Royal Borough of Kensington & Chelsea, any new proposals for more trees within the park will be determined through a separate consultation run by the council.