Our proposals on Havelock

Here are answers to your questions about our proposals on Havelock.

How many new homes are being built?

Our proposals for the estate include building 922 new homes in a mixture of tenures:

Shared equity76
Shared ownership35

Is the proposal the final plan for the estate?

No, as the project moves forward Catalyst will continue to consult residents on the design for future phases. However, we do currently hold planning permission for the master plan and detailed permission for phase 1.

Download a copy of the proposed layout plans:

Havelock layout plans – PDF 2MB

Which properties are proposed for demolition?

Phase Buildings to be demolished Provisional Timescales
2a·         Langdons Court

·         Clearmont House

·         11-14 Tensing Road




2b·         1-38 Waterside Road

·         39-53 Waterside Road

·         1-59 (odd numbers) Hillary Road

·         61-75 (odd numbers) Hillary Road

·         22-52 (even numbers) Hunt Road

·         81-108 Quaker Lane




3a·         105-139 Havelock Road

·         1-50 Damsonwood Road

·         115-120 Damsonwood Road


3b·         29-41 (odd numbers) Hunt Road

·         43-165 (odd numbers) Hunt Road

·         2-30 Swift Road


4a·         81-103 (odd numbers) Havelock Road

·         51-114 Damsonwood Road




4b·         1-99 Willowbrook Road

·         5-19 (odd numbers) Havelock Road




Will there be a new road into the estate?

Our proposals show a new road to the north of the estate. However, neither Catalyst nor the council own the land that will be needed for this road so it is something we are working on. We understand that this is a high priority for residents.

How long will it all take?

Work began onsite in summer/autumn 2014, and we aim for the redevelopment to be completed by 2026.

Will it be like living on a building site?

At some points the building works will be taking place close to where people are living. The number one priority for our contractors, Bouygues UK, is the health and safety of residents (particularly children) as well as making sure they minimise disturbance and mess. We are committed to keeping residents fully informed of when and where works will be taking place. There are alsoagreed start and finish times for all building works.

We work to keep roads clean, and there is a secure site compound for the contractors’ vehicles, machinery, offices etc.