Friary Park

Partner: Mount Anvil

Number of homes: Currently consented for up to 990 new tenure-blind homes

Location: Acton, LB Ealing

Catalyst and Mount Anvil are working in partnership to redevelop Friary Park in Acton.
The current consented scheme will deliver:
– up to 990 new tenure-blind homes
– new landscaped green space and play areas for children and young people, including an improved Multi-use games area
– an improved community facility
– new commercial units

The regenerated Friary Park will be a mixed-tenure neighbourhood, well-designed, safer and better connected. All existing Catalyst tenants on Friary Park have the option of being re-housed in the new development if they wish to.

The branding of the new development is ‘The Verdean’. If you are interested in sales or shared ownership information, please visit The Verdean website.


Since 2014, Catalyst has undertaken extensive consultation with residents of Friary Park and the surrounding area on the proposals for Friary Park. Catalyst and Mount Anvil worked together to submit a planning application in 2019. The application included an outline application for the whole project, and a detailed application for Phase 1. The application was given approval to grant planning permission at planning committee on 20 November 2019.

Our plans

The redevelopment will deliver around 990 new homes to Friary Park, with 45% affordable (by habitable room). The careful design of the new development, in a series of blocks of between three and 24 storeys high, prioritises people over parking, with green open spaces, podium gardens, allotments, an exercise trail and play areas improving the lives of residents. The new homes will be more spacious and well insulated, with economical heating, plenty of natural light and with every home enjoying private outdoor space in the form of a garden, balcony or terrace, as well as access to semi-private green spaces for each block.

The redevelopment will enlarge and improve the shared facilities available to residents. A multi-use games area will be three times the size of current facilities and will include a running track and climbing wall, while the new community centre will be 47% larger than its predecessor. There will be more public green space on the site than ever before, and more than 200 new trees will be planted.

  • Existing residents will have larger, more comfortable and environmentally friendly homes
  • A multi-use games area three times the original size will include a running track and climbing wall
  • A 47% larger community centre will be achieved
  • Every home will have private outdoor space
  • Two acres of public green space with 200 new trees, will extend the green space

You can find out more about the scheme on our commonplace website.