Update on Catalyst and Peabody plans to join together

Following the announcement in July of proposals for Catalyst and Peabody to join together, Catalyst is pleased to announce that Sarah Thomas, Catalyst’s existing Chief Operating Officer and Deputy Chief Executive, will become the Interim Chief Executive for Catalyst.

Sarah’s new role will start on 1 October, when Ian McDermott starts his secondment to the role of Interim Chief Executive for Peabody.

Catalyst and Peabody have also announced the designate Executive team structure for the new organisation if the proposals go ahead in spring 2022.

Designate Executive team structure

Chief Executive Officer – Ian McDermott

Deputy Chief Executive – Ashling Fox

Chief Operating Officer – Sarah Thomas

Chief Financial Officer – Eamonn Hughes

Executive Director Corporate Services – David Lavarack

Executive Director Care, Supported Housing and Inclusion – Stephen Burns

Executive Director Development – Philip Jenkins

Executive Director Property Services and Assets – Peter Evans

Executive Director Integration – Tim Jennings

Executive Director Thamesmead – John Lewis

Executive Director Town and Country Housing – Bob Heapy


20 August 2021