Say hello to our service standards

We’ve co-designed a collection of transparent, and measurable service standards with our customers to track and enhance our performance.

The purpose of our service standards

The Regulator of Social Housing has completed their consultation on the tenant satisfaction measures, going live in April 2023. We’ve created these service standards to support the introduction of these measures.

Our service standards focus on:

These standards focus on the services we provide in your building and home and are mainly repairs and safety related.

These standards focus on the services we offer to maintain our neighbourhoods and keep you safe. They include cleaning & gardening, community events, estate visits and how we respond to reports of anti-social behaviour.

These standards focus on how we communicate with you. How we manage complaints, your satisfaction with Catalyst and how you feel after you contact us.

How will we use these standards to measure performance?

We continuously monitor how we’re performing through our customer satisfaction surveys, and customer engagement activities to make sure you’re getting the service you need.

We’ll share the results of the standards every three months. Any dips or trends in our performance will be supported by an action plan so you know what we’re doing about it.

We’ll work with customers using real-time customer feedback and insight to understand how we can get it right. Our customer scrutiny group – the Performance Allies – will work with us when we’re not performing.