Catalyst Housing

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Social and affordable renting

Social and affordable rent housing is owned and managed by local councils or housing associations, such as Catalyst

Applying to rent a Catalyst home

If you’re not one of our existing residents and want to rent a home from us, please contact your local council.

If you are a social housing resident, you can also ‘swap’ a home with one of our existing residents through the HomeSwapper or Locata Exchange schemes. These schemes automatically match you to possible council house exchanges and home swaps.

Find out more about the local councils we work with.

Transfers and moving around London

If you’re an existing resident in London and want to move to one of our existing homes, we operate a transfer scheme where you can apply to move to a new home which will be more suitable and meet your housing needs.

Find out what to do if you live in London and want to transfer to another home.

Transfers and moving around the South East

We have a number of partnership arrangements with local councils in the south east area (ie homes outside London). If you are an existing resident in the south east please contact your neighbourhood manager for further information.

Need more info?

For more information on how you can move home download our leaflet:

Moving home (431 KB)