Catalyst Housing


Rent a home

We offer a wide range of rental and homeownership opportunities for people at every stage of life

Swapping (or mutual exchanges)

We offer free registration with HomeSwapper and Exchange Locata. These are both schemes that list council and housing association residents who want to exchange. They automatically look for possible swaps and then suggest potential matches.

Contact your neighbourhood manager for more details.

Social rent

We provide social rented housing for people who have been referred to us by a local council. New tenants will usually be offered a six year fixed-term tenancy with a break clause after the first year. Find out more about renting.

Affordable rent

We also let properties at an affordable rent (80% of the market rent) on six year fixed term tenancies to people referred to us by local councils. Find out more about renting.

Key worker rented homes

We provide a range of affordable single rented rooms with shared facilities for public sector key workers. The homes are located across London and are let on a furnished basis on assured shorthold tenancies. Find out more about key worker rented homes

Sheltered housing

Sheltered housing is designed to provide care and support for older people while encouraging them to live independently. Find out more about sheltered housing

Women-only accommodation

We offer women-only accommodation at Farndon Court, Oxford. This all-inclusive, rented accommodation offers free Wi-Fi, bike storage and laundry facilities, as well as an onsite caretaker. Find out more about Farndon Court.