People and Culture

We help attract the very best talent for Catalyst, keeping them motivated,very satisfied and safe in their work, and enable a high-performing and vibrant culture. Our teams include people functions, facilities management, communications, engagement and business transformation.


Eddie Kelly

Director of Transformation

“It’s such an exciting time for Catalyst and the People and Culture Team is at the heart of positive change. The sense of possibility and opportunity is so palpable. In three words: energised, forward-focused and fun!”

Priya Sharma

Talent Acquisition Partner

“Catalyst people have a really proactive, creative attitude, and a culture where we all work together as one team, supporting and challenging each other for the best possible results. For us, embracing that culture is as important as having the right skills to do the job.”

Samantha Odle

Front of House Supervisor

"My front-of-house team represent the face of Catalyst and take pride in setting the standards for how we work. We aim to create a warm, professional, and efficient environment where everyone feels welcome. We’re passionate about providing an exceptional service which meets the needs of everyone who visits our offices, whether you’re a resident, an interviewee, or a business partner."

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