Information Technology

We develop, maintain and deliver the IT systems that keep all parts of Catalyst running smoothly. We’re always¬†seeking¬†to improve and meet the needs of colleagues and customers in an ever changing world.

Meet the team

Tony Peguinho

Chief Information Officer

"IT is at the forefront of what Catalyst do. We don't just fix problems and keep things ticking over; we create innovative solutions and put new systems in place to improve the ways customers connect with us and colleagues interact with each other. The constant supply of fresh challenges means we can be really imaginative in our work."

Jaya Tackopersadh

Jaya Tackopersadh

Privacy Advisor

"I love speaking to new and different people every day, learning about projects across the business, and working out how I can not just help colleagues out, but make a real contribution to take the project to the next level. Colleagues are keen to include you in their work and listen to what you have to say, which makes work a lot more rewarding."

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