Mutual exchange FAQs

Mutual exchange allows residents to swap homes anywhere in the UK.

Home visits

Take some simple precautions when someone you don’t know is visiting your home, or you’re visiting theirs.

The Suzy Lamplugh Trust has lots of advice and guidance on maintaining your personal safety help you feel safe and secure.

Top tips for using Homeswapper

  • Add a photo of your home to your Homeswapper details. You’re 50% more likely to receive more interest, and many people looking for swaps will only look at properties with photos.
  • On average there are 130 matches for each property put on Homeswapper, but many people only look at the first 20. If you’re keen to find a move, it is worth going through all the matches that come up for you, not just the first page.
  • If you don’t get many matches, or you get too many, you can try changing your choice of areas. This may increase your chances of finding the home you want.
  • Advertising on Homeswapper is similar to selling a house, so put as much information on your advert as possible.  For example, if it’s on a bus route, near a school, supermarket or doctor’s surgery it is worth pointing this out as other people may not know the area as well as you do.


What does it mean if my exchange is approved conditionally?

We may approve your exchange but on condition of you carrying out a tenancy obligation. For example, if you owe us rent (or other debt), or a repair that’s your responsibility needs to be completed before you leave.

This means the exchange can only proceed when you have satisfied the condition of either clearing the debt or undertaking the repair. We will discuss a timescale with you, but the customer you are exchanging with is unlikely to want to wait a long time before moving.

Can my exchange be refused?

We’ll only refuse permission for a mutual exchange if there are reasonable grounds for doing so. As a landlord, we’re allowed to consider the circumstances of both swapping partners, when deciding to give or withhold consent.

You may be refused if, for example, either you or your swapping partner has:

– Rent arrears
– Breached the tenancy, for example through committing anti-social behaviour
– A home that is adapted for a person with special needs and nobody in the exchange household has special needs
– A home which is too large or too small for the household you want to swap with
– Received a notice seeking possession or possession proceedings have begun
– There is a restriction on the property, for example the property is in a rural location so you may require a local connection to be able to move there.

Your exchange partner will need to apply to their landlord for permission too. Both landlords need to give consent before the exchange can go ahead.

Can I purchase the property I'm moving into?

Please do not assume you have the right to purchase a property from us. Very few residents have the right to purchase a property owned by us, as this is dependent on the type of tenancy you have and when you initially obtained it. 

If this is important to you please seek advice from us, for the property you are moving into.

If you have any further questions about mutual exchange, please contact us for further help.