Living in your shared home

Rent and service charges

As a shared owner, you’ll pay rent for the percentage of the property that you don’t yet own. Every year, we calculate your new rent and will write to you to confirm what your new rent will be.

Depending on your new home, you’ll also pay a service charge. This covers a proportion of the cost for the services, management and maintenance of the your building and development where you live. This could include communal repairs, caretaking and cleaning, building insurance, fire safety checks and management fees.

Repairs and home improvements

We’ll work with you to look after our blocks and your home.

What we'll do

We are committed to keeping all of our homes in excellent condition both now and in the future.

We’ll take care of all repairs and maintenance to communal areas of our buildings and estates. We provide a responsive repairs service to look after day-to-day repairs.

When we complete communal repairs, a portion of the cost is charged back to all residents in the block or estate – and usually divided equally
through your service charge.

We also operate a programme of planned maintenance (capital works) to our buildings which occur throughout the life cycle of the building. When we carry out planned maintenance, we will consult you.

What you'll do

Your lease will detail what’s down to you in terms of repairing and maintaining your home.

Most leases for flats will only require you to maintain the inside of your home including wiring, plumbing and general maintenance.

Leases for houses will typically require you to repair and maintain the structure of the building and the inside of your home.

As lease terms can be different, you’ll need to refer to your lease to understand what sits with you. If you are unsure, please contact us, so we can help.

How do I report a repair?

When you report a repair, you will need to:
– Tell us your name, full address and contact phone number; and
– Give us as much information as possible about the problem as this will help us to make sure that we order the correct operative and parts.

There are lots of ways that you can report a repair.

You can call our contact centre, Monday-Friday 8am-5pm or email us with your request.

You can also fill out our quick request a repair form.

Home improvements

Moving home is an exciting time – and we know you’ll want to start decorating as soon as possible. If you are planning any home improvements or alterations to your home, you may need to let us know before work begins.

Contact us today to find our more about home improvements.