Communal areas fire safety

A key part of fire safety is keeping communal areas in your building clear. Communal areas are shared areas – some examples are:

  • Corridors
  • Riser cupboards
  • Entrance halls

These areas must be kept clear so that people can get out quickly and safely if they need to, or so that firefighters can enter the building easily to put out a fire.

There’s also a risk that if a fire breaks out, any items kept in communal areas could catch light and help the fire spread, or give off toxic smoke.

Help us keep communal areas clear

Catalyst has a legal duty to keep communal areas clear. You must not store any items there.

We check these areas in our properties regularly, but if you see any items left lying around, please let us know by calling 0300 456 2099 or sending an email. We’ll make sure they’re removed as quickly as possible.

Throwing away large items

If you need to get rid of any large items from your home, please don’t dump them in communal areas. Contact your local council’s bulk waste collection service instead (they may ask you to pay a small fee to have the items collected).