Building safety

Since summer 2017, the government has issued a series of fire safety advice notes to building owners of tall buildings (18 metres or above). These advice notes were then consolidated into a single advice note in January 2020.

There is now clearer instruction we can share with you about how to interpret government advice and guidance.

Building owners across the country, including us at Catalyst, have been following this advice and carrying out assessments of their tall buildings, to check the external wall materials.

As well as the wellbeing and safety of all our customers, and following government advice, our top priority this year is the removal of aluminium composite material (ACM) cladding (similar to the type used on Grenfell Tower) from our taller buildings (Crossway Point, Dan Court and Merle Court) by August 2020. As of end of July 2020, these buildings are now ACM free.

We’re now developing a programme of more detailed, sometimes intrusive, inspections and remedial works for our other tall buildings, looking at other types of cladding material identified by the Government such as high- pressure laminates (HPL), timber and other materials.

The scale of works involved is huge and because of this we have to prioritise a work plan based on risks posed. That’s why the ACM has been removed first. Where we have identified a risk we have measures in place to mitigate this and this includes more frequent inspections and installation of alarms where necessary.

We know that our programme of inspections, testing and remedial works will take years rather than months. We’re focused on keeping all our customers safe and informed whilst this happens.

Stay assured that, if your building is part of our inspection programme, we’ll let you know when the inspection will take place and how it may affect you.

In the meantime, if you have any questions or worries about the safety of your home, please get in touch with our Home Ownership Team on 0300 456 2099 to discuss your individual circumstances and how we might be able to help.