Home safety

We work with residents to make sure your homes and communal areas are safe and free of hazards.

Fire safety

Find out the measures we have in place to make sure our properties are as safe as possible. Plus get advice on:

Electrical safety

Keep you and your family safe from faulty electrics or electrical equipment.

Gas safety

As a landlord, it is our responsibility to carry out gas safety checks in the homes we rent every year.


The likelihood of legionella being in your home is very low as most households do not store huge amounts of water. Follow our tips to make sure the water in your home is safe.

Asbestos (for tenants only)

Asbestos is not a health hazard if in good condition. When products that contain asbestos are damaged, you may be risk.
Please contact us before doing work on any material you think may contain asbestos.


Find out what condensation is and how you can reduce it in your home.