Examples of minor and major adaptations

The following are examples of requests which are classed as aids or adaptations and show the distinction between minor and major adaptations, but this is not an exhaustive list.

Minor adaptations

  • Lever taps
  • Small ramps
  • Grab or hand rails
  • Small steps to entrances
  • Moving power sockets
  • Moving door entry handsets
  • Changing door and window catches
  • Lowering of locks
  • Provision of rocker light switches
  • Adjustments to or additional lighting
  • Ramps
  • Flashing alarms

Major adaptations

  • Providing ramps, widening doors, shallow steps
  • Improving controls for heating and lighting
  • Adapting or providing suitable washing, bathing or toilet facilities
  • Ensuring the disabled person can move around and access parts of the home so they can look after someone else
  • Installing a stair lift or a ‘through the floor’ lift or ceiling track hoists
  • Adaptations to the kitchen, such as lowering counters
  • Adaptations to the bathroom, e.g. toilet or bath or level access shower.
  • Widening doors

See information on applying for a Disability Facilities Grant if you need help paying for major adaptations.